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Help and advice available for all personal clients. Call or email us now to discuss with the relevant specialist.



Help and advice available for all personal clients. Call or email us now to discuss with the relevant specialist.



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Huge Range of Machinery

You may be looking to get up to date with the latest farming machinery and technology advancements with our latest New Machinery from the manufacturers listed below or you could be just interested in a fresher look and general tidy up with our Refurbishment Service or you could just be looking to trade in your older machine for an updated/larger model in our 2nd Hand Showroom saving time, effort and long term profit.

We also offer an element of Farm Security with CCTV installations, providing recording and event alerts as well as remote viewing when you are away from the farm by logging in on your smart phone or tablet via the internet(cloud) with our eyesky service. Dont worry, we can provide tech training to help you with this very user friendly service.


Allrounder Flatline Cultivator New from Kockerling

Kockerling have just released their latest bit of engineering, the Allrounder Flatline is particularly suitable for precise tillage, where it is absolutely necessary to maintain the set working depth. With the contour adjustment of the Allrounder -flatline- this is extremely possible. The classic area of ​​application extends from the first stubble cultivation in rapeseed and cereals to seed bed preparation.




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New MachinerY

We have a selection of new machinery in stock from Vaderstad, Kockerling, Heva and Opico.

We can also offer demos on a selection of machines.



Väderstad farm machinery is built to create the optimum environment allowing for perfect emergence in your field. Whether it’s cultivation, seedbed preparation or seed placement, our vision is to ensure perfect emergence to maximise yields.


Innovative range of Tillage, Seeder and Grassland Cultivation Equipment. Specialising in minimum cultivation.


HE-VA rolls are the first choice for the professional farmer and if you mention the name HE-VA to most farmers in the UK the first machine they think of will be rolls! HE-VA offer an extensive range of cultivation equipment, this includes Disc Cultivators, Stubble Cultivators, Subsoilers and Seeding Tool-bars.

Sky Drills

Sky-Agriculture Seed Drills provide high capacity drilling solutions for all soil conditions and cultivation systems. No matter which model you choose the design focuses on achieving maximum productivity by allowing drilling in a large range of working conditions to increase the window in which crops can be established.


OPICO Limited is the largest independent distributor of agricultural machinery with over five decades of experience and knowledge of the trade. The machinery range includes gas and diesel batch grain dryers, large grassland range of machines, post hole diggers and Avadex applicators, plus many more.



Below are a selection of our latest used machine listings

Please give us a call for your used machinery requirements,

we have many types of machines in stock all throughout the year.

Click here to see our full catalogue of used machines


ID: C 541
Vaderstad - RDA 400S
Vaderstad RDA 400S 4metre drill 2010 Refurbished
ID: S 11002887
Vaderstad - CR650
Vaderstad Carrier CR650 CB c/w 470 System disc Heavy Duty shafts & Bearings very goo.... read more
ID: C 538
Kockerling - Rebell
Kockerling Rebell 5metre Disc cultivator c/w 510mm dia discs /support wheels /double .... read more
ID: C 529
Kockerling - Rebell
Kockerling Rebell 6metre 510mm Discs Hydraulic depth control hydraulic levelling b.... read more
ID: C 499
Sky -
ID: C 498
Sky -
ID: C 540
Heva - 820 Rolls
HE-VA 820 Rolls 24" c/w Breaker Rings
ID: C 526
Heva - King Roller
HE-VA King Roller 12.3m. c/w Cambridge & Breaker rings 24"Dia. 9 spoke with 5 ye.... read more



Here at Cambridge Farm Machinery, we like to be able to offer the best of the best used machinery, this is why our expert engineers go through our used machinery and refurbish them to the highest of standards, so when you buy a refurbished machine from us, you can use it with confidence that it will do the job.

In addition we can also take your old machine and give it a bit of TLC and spruce it up with our refurbishment service, replacing all worn parts, corrosion repair and removal as well as finishing it off with some fresh paint.





CCTV and Farm Security Installs

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About C.F.M.

Cambridge Farm Machinery has been established Since 1984 We specialise in trading in Drills and Cultivation equipment for agriculture as well as providing a quality re-furbishment service for drills and cultivators. We have just started to trade in new and used Kockerling cultivation equipment which is fast becoming a front runner in terms of the equipment they offer for the right price. On this site you can browse a list of 2nd hand machines in stock Click here to view, view videos of new equipment demos, and find information about CCTV and Farm Security.

We usually hold a substantial amount of second hand stock. We pride ourselves in providing the right tool for the right job, and in the right condition. Because of our large client base and high turnover of second hand machinery, we are in a good position to find and suppply you with the machine of choice. So if there is a specific type of machine that particularly interests you, let us know and we'll do our best to find the right machine for the right budget.

We have an extensive range of Vaderstad parts in stock and ready to go, so in the case of any emergency breakdown / parts replacement or any other problems, they can usually be resolved very quickly, allowing farming to continue with minimum disruption. Any parts that are not in stock can usually be ordered on a next day delivery sevice from Vaderstad to our business location in Hauxton.

We also have a great team of storemen, fitters and engineers, who between them have a wealth of knowledge and expertease in farm machinery, which gives them a good understanding in assisting our customers fulfilling their requirements.







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